Spotlight on OW2 Chameleon

When building applications for specific domains, we often face a more and more important issue: how do I build the runtime required by the application? For enterprise applications, JEE application servers provide a technical stack containing all required services, but for desktop applications, or communication gateways there are no all-in-one solutions. Indeed, the runtime must fit to the environment and application requirements, making it complex to achieve in a flexible way.

akquinet launched the OW2 Chameleon project in 2009. Chameleon provides a way to build OSGi-based runtimes including the required services and your application. This article explains the motivations behind Chameleon and how Chameleon makes our software development more flexible, robust and efficient.

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Towards SOA-based Mobile Solutions

The Mobile Solutions and OSGi competence center of akquinet is specialized in the building of mobile and modular applications. They has developed a high expertise in two different domains:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Mobile Technologies

Despite they sound different, mixed together it creates a very interesting recipe. Indeed, it provides a new, flexible and efficient way to create mobile systems by infusing service-oriented concepts into mobile technologies. This post presents the motivations of such mix. The next post describes how this recipe was successfully already used.
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