Use JBoss Forge to generate Hibersap Classes that call SAP Functions

This blog post describes how to use JBoss Forge to easily generate interface classes for your Java application and use these classes with the Hibersap framework to connect to a SAP system. At the end of the post you will find a screen-cast showing you how easy and straight-forward it is to call SAP functions using the Hibersap-Forge-Plugin.

What is JBoss Forge?

Let’s take the description from the Forge homepage to answer this question:
JBoss Forge

A core framework and next-generation shell for tooling and automation at a command line level; with APIs for integration in IDEs, extending built in functionality with plugins, and scripting for automating repetitive tasks, Forge is a tool every open-source developer should be looking at.

A core framework for rapid-application development in a standards-based environment. Plugins / incremental project enhancement for Java EE, and more.

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