Clustering of the messaging subsystem HornetQ in JBoss AS7 and EAP 6

In the recent posts of this series we talked about many different aspects of clustering for the JBoss AS 7 and its quality assured version EAP 6, such as:

Until now, there is one important thing we have not covered yet: clustering of the messaging subsystem. The EAP 6 as well as the AS 7 uses HornetQ as default messaging provider. In this post we want to give an overview about the clustering abilities of HornetQ and explain how to use the various clustering features in combination with the EAP 6 or respectively the JBoss AS 7. We implemented a simple JMS client application to demonstrate the HornetQ clustering abilities.

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Using JBoss Messaging in a firewalled environment : the toll road

Are you using JBoss Messaging in a firewalled environment? Do your long running JMS consumers fail to receive JMS notifications after some time of inactivity? If you answer yes to any of these questions you might be interested in our field report where we describe how we diagnosed and fixed such issues with JBoss Messaging and long running JMS consumers within a Java Swing Client.
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