Clean Objective-C: Private Methods in Objective-C

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index (March 2013), Objective-C is the third most-popular programming language, behind Java and C. This is not surprising, as Objective-C is used to develop the thousands of Mac apps and 775,000 apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that are distributed via the App Store (Apple, as of January 2013). With more than 40 billion downloads, getting apps on the market as quickly as possible is highly attractive.

Unfortunately, the software’s (internal) quality often suffers from a short time to market. If the product’s lifecycle is longer than expected and technical debt is not paid off, development costs rise continuously. However, it is not that hard to build quality into the software right from the beginning. The new Clean Objective-C blog post series will demonstrate this. So, let’s get started… Continue reading