Developing a cross-platform application for mobiles and desktops with Aerogear

is a collection of examples, tutorials and best practices to develop mobile clients integrated with JBoss middleware. It aims at providing solutions for mobile clients to deal with typical requirements in enterprise applications, such as security and availability. Such mobile applications range from native clients (e.g. Android, iOS) via hybrid apps (with native and web components) to pure web apps (providing the highest portability but generally being less adapted to the target environment). In this post, we focus on a web-based mobile client and demonstrate how to develop a simple blog application where users can create and comment on blog posts.

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Distributed OSGi applications with Apache CXF DOSGi

This is the first post of the Dynamokos series. This series explores how to build dynamic distributed web applications with OSGi step by step.

Inside this post

In this post, we will show how to:

  1. Use Apache CXF DOSGi to expose an OSGi service as a web service
  2. Use Apache CXF DOSGi to import the remote service in another OSGi framework
  3. Consume the imported service

The code of the post is available from the Dynamokos Google Project.
This post is very similar to the iPOJO / DOSGi tutorial.
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