Agile Roadmaps in Software Development

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In general, every software solution requires a roadmap, as the basis for targeted further development and so it can be adapted to users’ needs in the coming years. No matter which niche the software serves, it always represents a form of reliable standard for its users. As a result, features are rarely removed, since this is perceived as a loss and impacts user acceptance.

Normally, the product manager is responsible for planning and marketing software. This person is the product-market expert for his or her specific area. The product manager develops a product strategy, known as the roadmap. Software releases are generally implemented in the form of a project, with the help of a project manager. Project and product managers provide each other with significant support by sharing their experiences.

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From solution to problem – advising in project management

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One recurring pattern in software development plays out during the initial phase of the project: The client describes their requirements. So far, so good – everything is clear, and this is also how things are supposed to go. However, it becomes apparent at this stage that the requirements are formulated in such a way that they stipulate a specific approach to arriving at a solution. This method is already familiar, normal, and well rehearsed for the client in this form, so it is more or less viewed as the only way to reach the goal. The thinking behind this is that if only the solution is formulated in sufficient detail, the schedule and costs can be determined directly, and nothing else can go wrong during realization.

Is that really the case?

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