Postgres Performance Troubleshooting – An Example

Recently we encountered some severe performance problems in one of our projects. Some SQL queries were very slow.

A certain query took over 6 seconds to finish in Azure’s Postgres service and about 350ms locally on my laptop. Both are unacceptable.

I don’t know much more than the postgres basics and the project was in all parts relevant here more or less new to me. But let me show you how I approach the unknown, what I learned and how I solved it.

By the way: The issue is a prime example of not spending more time on optimisation than what feels necessary at the time. So even though the initial code looks a bit dumb in hindsight I still consider this ok as the application was fast enough for over 2 years in production and as we later learned the issue was caused by some up to that point unprecedented data.

Now, let’s dive in!

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Logging with Azure Application Insights – Part 1: Spring-Boot

When developing and running apps inside Microsoft Azure you have to deal with the topics like monitoring and logging. Azure provides a central solution for that question which is Application Insights. AppInsights (for short) is the central hub to get metrics and log data from our applications and let you access these data within the azure portal in an easy and convenient way. While the metric aspect is well documented, how to connect your favorite application logger to AppInsights it is not.

In this blog post we will show you how to enhance your typical Spring-Boot application to have all the logging data send to Azure AppInsights automatically. In a followup post we will show the same for a typical nodejs based application.

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