Agile Roadmaps in Software Development

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In general, every software solution requires a roadmap, as the basis for targeted further development and so it can be adapted to users’ needs in the coming years. No matter which niche the software serves, it always represents a form of reliable standard for its users. As a result, features are rarely removed, since this is perceived as a loss and impacts user acceptance.

Normally, the product manager is responsible for planning and marketing software. This person is the product-market expert for his or her specific area. The product manager develops a product strategy, known as the roadmap. Software releases are generally implemented in the form of a project, with the help of a project manager. Project and product managers provide each other with significant support by sharing their experiences.

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Agile fixed price projects – risk or opportunity?

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At first glance, the term “agile fixed price project” sounds like a contradiction in terms. Fixed price projects feature exact specifications, offering both sides clarity as to the services to be performed, the schedule, and the parties’ cooperation obligations. The contractor bears the risk – for which the client pays a commensurate markup in turn in some cases.

The term “agility” means that something is flexible and mobile, so it encompasses change as a characteristic. Agility is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the context of agile software development: Less red tape and more iterative cycles lead to the result that is truly needed at the end of the project.

Changes at a fixed price – how could that possibly turn out well?

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