Extensible and configurable WebSocket messages

WebSockets provide a flexible bi-directional way to communicate between the web browser and the backend server. In particular, it allows the server to send push messages to the client in order to inform it about data updates and the like.

However, the Java API only allows for static Object encoders and decoders, i.e. they cannot use dependency injection. We will show here to circumvent this problem and provide extensible message encoding using JSON.

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Yes, Rust has Garbage Collection, and a Fast One

Rust is getting more and more popular. Thus, a group of colleagues, including myself, evaluated it for half a day to build up our own opinion, if Rust is of strategic interest for us or not. We did some coding following the standard introduction book, looked at some frameworks, and watched the presentation “Considering Rust”. The general conclusion was more or less in the line of: yeah, a nice new programming language, but without a full-grown ecosystem and without any garbage collection, it will be too cumbersome and unproductive for us in our projects. My gut feeling did not agree with the assessment regarding garbage collection. Thus, I did some more digging and testing and came up with my current conclusion: Rust does indeed garbage collection, but in a very clever way.

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