How to clean your Nexus Release Repositories

The number of release process executions is steadily increasing. Concepts like Continuous Delivery and Deployment emphasize releasing as often and as automated as possible. While developers and customers enjoy the bright side of the improving software development processes, operations has to deal with the flip side. More releases mean more storage usage. Increasing process quality requirements like archiving every delivered release (or at least, every release which is deployed on a production system) in a structured, easily accessible manner somewhere means more storage. But resources like storage are limited. So you have to collect the garbage sooner or later – and if you have a lot of releases, you desperately want to automate this cleanup process.

So, if you use Sonatype Nexus as intensively as we do and you sooner or later face storage limitations: this blog post might be a solution for you. Continue reading

Threshold Voting Workshops in Action


While maintaining our development infrastructure, we regularly have to deal with a plethora of feature and plugin wishes. Because balancing all these different wishes, requirements and purposes is so time-consuming, we considered how we might increase our performance in this area. We designed and tested a method for this in the context of a Jenkins upgrade. We then invested some more time to create a sample HTML5 presentation that you may like to use yourself to try out threshold voting workshops in action.

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