Extending CDI Observer pattern to support global events

CDI introduced a convenient implementation of the observer pattern into the JavaEE world. Using the CDI API, components can emit events, or receive events created by other components (using the @Observes annotation). This allows developers to reduce the coupling between the emitters and the receivers of events.

However, the current API does not allow to handle what we call “global” events. Global events are propagated among all active sessions, i.e., current users and are not restricted to the current session.

This blog post briefly explores the CDI observer pattern and explains how it can be extended to support global events.
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Using JBoss Messaging in a firewalled environment : the toll road

Are you using JBoss Messaging in a firewalled environment? Do your long running JMS consumers fail to receive JMS notifications after some time of inactivity? If you answer yes to any of these questions you might be interested in our field report where we describe how we diagnosed and fixed such issues with JBoss Messaging and long running JMS consumers within a Java Swing Client.
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