Who we are – working at akquinet tech@spree

Are you curious about our team, office and office culture? Then we have a little insight for you here!

We are Akquinet tech@spree (TAS for short), which has its headquarters in Berlin Schöneberg. Our team of around 100 employees specialises in customised IT solutions and the implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives and has built up a strong reputation, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Our expertise lies in the areas of user experience, server platforms, web technologies, project management and, most recently, IT security. In addition to our technical expertise, we as TAS are also characterised by the fact that everyone can play an active role in shaping the company culture.

In small, internal teams, we work intensively on topics such as inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination and always endeavour to develop suitable solutions for everyday working life.

If you would like to get to know TAS and take a look at the vacancies, then take a look here. There you can see which positions we are currently looking for.

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