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New JSR Proposed: JPA 2.1

Update 01. Feb 2011

akquinet joins the JSR-338 expert group to take active part in developing the JPA 2.1 specification.

A new Java Specification Request JSR-338 has been submitted to extend the Java Persistence API (JPA).

The JSR will address a number of features requested by the community:

Linda DeMichiel from Oracle, already spec lead of JPA 2.0 and EJB 2.x, 3.x, is the specification lead of the JPA 2.1 expert group. The JCP review ballot closes end of the month and the expert group will be formed as soon as the JSR is approved.

akquinet has a long history in the area of persisting Java objects and object-relations mapping. Michael Bouschen from akquinet is member of the JPA 2.0 expert group, the JDO expert group(s) and the JDO TCK implementation team at apache.

akquinet is supporting this JSR and plans to join the JPA 2.1 expert group to continue the work on Java Persistence.

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