Dynamokos : Dealing with dynamism in OSGi distributed web applications

Dynamokos is not a Greek specialty. It’s the name of this post series. Dynamokos aims to illustrate how OSGi can be used for distributed dynamic web applications.

OSGi offers great features such as the modularity, dynamism, hot-deployment… However, it is not simplex to know how to build sophisticated applications on the top of OSGi. Especially when such application needs to be distributed and dynamic at the same time, a lot of issues have to be overcome.

Throughout a simple application, this series explores how to build dynamic distributed web application on the top of OSGi.

Dynamokos Overview

Four posts compose this series:

  1. The first post shows how to expose an OSGi service as a web service with OSGi Distributed Service (Apache CXF DOSGi), and how to use this service. In this version the client knows where is the oracle.
  2. The second post modifies the first example to use a discovery protocol (to find the remote oracle. The web site is modified in order to basically manage the dynamism
  3. The third post explores the possibilities to mange the dynamism in the web page. This includes auto-refresh, Ajax and Cometd.
  4. Finally, the last post illustrates how OW2 Chameleon Rose (Remote OSGi Service Ecosystem) may replace DOSGi and the flexibility brings by this wonderful framework.

The application

The application is pretty simple. It’s a prediction application (may be the only reference to the Greek mythology). It is a revisited version of the famous “Magic 8 ball”.

Architecture of the dynamokos application
Architecture of the dynamokos application

The oracle runs on the top of OSGi but in its own virtual machine. Indeed, predicting the future takes resources and memory… The oracle is asked via a service remotely accessible (web service).
Another OSGi framework contains the client and the web site.

Dynamokos Web Client
Dynamokos Web Client

Source Code and Download

The source code is available from the Dynamokos Google Project. You can also download the different artifacts created during this series from this Google Project.

Question and Feedback

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